Who We Are

Women in Hardware is a community of female or non-binary identified people working in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at intersection of hardware and software. 


Since 2015, Women in Hardware has hosted over 35 events in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Seattle, and Paris. Events are content rich and empower women to learn from one another and make meaningful connections, both personally and professionally. Events take many forms, including meetup style gatherings, private dinners, factory tours, and round table discussion. 

our partners and sponsors

Women in Hardware partners with exceptional companies and organizations to bring events to life. SF based VC firm Bolt is our headline sponsor, and we regularly collaborate with companies large and small to bring events to life around the world. Please see our sponsor page for some examples of our partners.


Kate McAndrew founded Women in Hardware in 2015 when she realized the women she was meeting in the hardware startup community didn't know one another. Over the years, that simple happy hour has evolved into a rich community of founders, engineers, designers, investors, and friends. 

Kate is a Principal at Bolt, where she invests in pre-seed startups at the intersection of hardware and software. She is passionate about investing in under-represented minorities in tech, particularly women. You can reach her at: